Straight Stairlifts

Straight Lifts


We offer a wide choice of straight stairlifts from all the top UK branded manufacturers such as Stannah stair lifts, Acorn lifts and Minivator models.

Aberdeenshire Stairlifts  - Minivator

To see what some of these lifts look like you can go to the relevant page of each manufacturer by clicking on their logo’s or the blue writing above.

The standard installation on straight stairs is in most cases a 13 step installation. Of course if you have a shorter or longer staircase than this but it is still straight then a straight stairlift would be what you need.

Options on the straight stairlift are to have a hinged rail which would lift up out of the way when not in use to allow easy access to a doorway. It is common in a lot of terraced and semi-detached properties for a straight run of stairs to come down into a small hallway at the bottom and the stairlift rail would then be blocking the way to the lounge or dining room door at its end. You can see a picture of a hinged rail for a straight stairlift below.

Stairlifts Aberdeen Straight stairlifts hinged rail