Outdoor Stairlifts In Alford

Outdoor Stairlifts in Alford

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Are you searching for a supplier for an outdoor stairlift in Alford?

Whether it’s for your own home or perhaps a commercial property we have over 15 years experience installing stairlifts so can offer you experienced and friendly service .  Why not call us on Aberdeen 01224 421214 and you can ask us any questions you might have.  We can also arrange a free quotation once we have seen the layout of the garden or property surroundings where you want the stair lift installing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you put an outdoor lift in?

A straight outdoor stairlift can be installed in around a couple of hours.  Most outdoor lifts that we have arranged have the track drilled into stone, brick or concrete which can take some time in order to mount the rail bolts.  For an installation on other surfaces we will have to wait for the track bolts to set before using.  Contact us and we can arrange a site survey as soon as we can.

A straight outdoor lift is quicker to install than a curved one so often people opt for a couple of straight lifts and a hand rail in between in that case, depending on the abilities of the user.  An outdoor platform lift with access for a wheelchair is another option.  It may take around a week from survey to fit a curved outdoor lift, though that does depend on which manufacturer you choose.  Call us on 01224 421214 and we can walk you through the options.

Will my flower beds be trampled to fit an outdoor stairlift?

Not necessarily.  Your outdoor space at home in Alford will be kept as clean and tidy as possible during installation. Your garden might not need disturbing at all as long as there is a footpath or paving in it.  All our lifts are put in by professional engineers to the highest manufacturer’s standards.

Can I get an outdoor stairlift in Alford on a budget?

When you call us to get a stairlift surveyed and fitted then we have access to some great trade prices.  Call us on 01224 421214  today to get a quote.  You might be surprised at how reasonably priced an outdoor stairlift is nowadays.  Some people use an outdoor stair lift for carrying heavy loads up steps rather than actually riding on it themselves.  This is more of a heavy duty goods lift requirement and as such a warranty might be voided.  If you would like us to quote for a lift suitable for heavy duty use then we can also arrange a lift like that to suit those requirements.  01224 421214 is the number you need.

Can I rent outdoor lifts in Alford?

You might find another supplier willing to offer an old model outdoor lift for rent, but please bear in mind that to make it economical for them as a business they will charge an installation fee of several hundred pounds and also a removal fee of a similar amount when no longer required.  Small monthly or weekly payments might seem attractive but you must take into account the other costs.  If you would prefer to pay monthly to spread the cost of your purchase of a new outdoor stairlift in Alford then we can get you a lift installed at a preferential nought percent interest rate over one year.  If you want free advice on anything concerning mobility lifts then call us.

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